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15 years export experience. 25 exporting countries. professional installation team and after-sales service.

We are manufacturing and exporting an range of products like Biomass Drying Machine, Fruit &Vegetable Dryer Machine, Herbs & Spices Dryer Machine, Animal Feed Dryers. These Dryers are widely acclaimed among such as durability, low maintenance, sturdy construction, and quality approved.In addition,we can offer required peripherals such as Crushing Machines,Grinding Machines ,Molding and Packing Machines .


As our innovation and collaboration with other companies go on, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the process and treatment of various materials and residues, including coal, mineral powder, biomass, animal feed,sludges,medicines, food and more.

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  • mango dryer

    The mango dryer is actually an energy saving drying solution basic on heat pump drying technology.The heat pump cabinet can make full use of the air source instead

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  • pet food dryer

    Pet foods are sold a lot in the world, such as dog food and food. Drying is an important step in pet food production.

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