Cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) is a dark brown viscous liquid present inside a soft honeycomb structure of the cashew nutshell and is a very important agricultural byproduct of cashew nut and cashew apple production produced by the cashew nut tree (Anacardium occidentale) The shell of the nut is approximately 1/8 inch thick Cashew nut shell liquid is the pericarp fluid of the cashew nut Shelled kernels from shelling division passes through vibratory screen to separate cashew kernels by sieving and shells from the top deck is sucked out by air suction system The uncut and un-scooped nuts are separated by a roller separator and un-scooped nuts is sent to a mechanical shooter system to remove adhering kernels from the shell

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We Jogi International are a reputed Manufacturer Exporter Trader Supplier and Wholesaler of quality Cashew Processing Machine Our company was formed in the year 2012 and has been catering to the requirements of clients to the fullest We are a highly quality based organization and thus we make sure that all the processing methods are carried out under strict vigilance

Please send me your quotation for all the Cashew processing machines 08105070117 gelgoogcara: This cashew nut shelling machine is a professional equipment to remove the cashew nut hard shell if you are interested in this machine welcome to contact me with freely or you can leave your email and whatsapp i will send the machine detail and quotation to you

1 This cashew nut shelling machine has large medium and small model and it adopts principle of shelling with screw pole and grid bar concave board 2 It has features of compound double shelling high shelling ratio low cracking ratio and human resources saving

If you need cashew nut shelling machine price contact us freely Our salesman will show the professional cashew nut process solution and cashew nut shelling machine design if you need Cashew shelling machine is a special machine for cashew nut shell Cashew should be divided into 3-5 grades according to its width or by classifier Each machine

Apr 2 2018 - This professional cashew nut shellremoving machine is a necessary equipment for cashew procesing plant and cashew nut food production manufacturer More information Best Cashew Shell Cutting Machine|Processing Machinery for Sale The cutting machine can cut the hard shell of cashew and get the whole kernel

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US$300 00 - US$400 00 / ตั้ง | 10 ตั้ง / ชุด Cashew NUT sheller (Min Order) การจัดส่ง: สนับสนุน บริการขนส่งทางทะเล

1 Cashew nut sheller is a special cashew equipment to remove the shell of cashew 2 Our cashew nut shelling equipment has the advantages of high shelling rate low crushing rate large output energy saving and environmental protection 3 Our cashew nut shelling machine can be composed of multiple production lines and is an ideal equipment for

Decription: The cashew peeling machine Use removing skin of cashew kernel after dried cashew kernel enter drum with brus shaft and drum creating friction the removing skin by high air pressure Feature The cashew peeling machine is design with new technology with processing by CNC machine Electric control of cashew peeling machine is equiped PLC

Introduction of cashew cracking and shelling machine: Cashew nut shelling unit is specialized in removing cashew nut shell Full production line is automatic first separated cashew nuts into 3-5 grades(18 mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 26mm) by man work or machine Feeding action is completed automatically

Cashew shelling machine is to remove the cashew nut shell cashew machinery Model UDDYG-Q Size 1 4*1*1 55m Weight 300kg Capacity 150-200kg Power 3kw Shelling ratio 90-95% Damage ratio 5-10% View more YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Food Dehydration Dryer Dried Fruit Machine and Commercial Smart Touch 8-layer Capacity Visual Door

Our product range include Cashew Nut Boiler (Capacity 40 to 500 kg) Cashew Nut Dryer (30 Kg to above 500 kg) Cashew Nut Cutting Machine Cashew Nut Processing Machinery (Capacity 40 kg) and Cashew Nut Boiler (Capacity 320 Kg) The whole range is acknowledged for its hassle free production and optimized usage for fuel

Cashew Processing Refined Redefined GI Technologies established in 1994 to produce Cashew Processing machinery by two young professional with a passion to excel with in-house R D to up-grade Cashew Processing technology to suit growing needs of the Cashew processors by introducing Automation in Cashew processing and to set a bench-mark for the

Vietnam shelling processing: this principle is develop base mould blade and feeder automatic with hign capacity: 60 – 200 kg per hour or more depend customers Cashew kernel drying process: cashew drying machine Cashew kernel unpeeled to preparing for peeling need drying to separating skin and kernel Cashew kernel Humidifing process:

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Product Description of Cashew nut peel removing machine/kernel shell separation machine 1 This cashew nut processing line can peel different size of cashew product meets the health standard 2 This cashew peeling machine is easy maintenance and clean useful energy saving compact high production efficiency 3 The Peeling rate is above 95%

1 2 2 Cashew nut shell liquid Cashew nut processing allows for the development of an important by-product which can increase its added value The liquid inside the shell (CNSL) represents 15 percent of the gross weight and has some attractive possible medicinal and industrial uses

Apr 20 2007Shelling This is the most difficult operation in cashew processing In India shelling is mostly done by cheap labour Shelling is carried out by using special wooden mallets and pieces of bent wire at a rate of about 200 nuts per hour

Apr 2 2018 - This professional cashew nut shellremoving machine is a necessary equipment for cashew procesing plant and cashew nut food production manufacturer More information Best Cashew Shell Cutting Machine|Processing Machinery for Sale The cutting machine can cut the hard shell of cashew and get the whole kernel

Apr 28 2020Cashew Nuts Processing Business: Raw cashew nut needs proper processing for human consumption There are several value-added food products you can produce from a cashew processing unit These are cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) dried and roasted cashew nut If you live in a cashew growing area then you can seriously consider this business

I ntroduction of Cashew nut sheller machine: This cashew processing machine is a special cashew mechanical removal of cashew nut shell Cashew nuts should be classfied into 3-5 grade according to the width of the cashew nut before shelling Each machine has 6pcs feeding ports and feeding job will be finished automatically